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Rank Name Raised
61st Sean O'Brien Sean O'Brien 2years $7,268
62nd Sofia Pitre Sofia Pitre 4years $7,264
63rd Robert Meagher Robert Meagher $7,224
64th Mike Engeland Mike Engeland 5years $7,039
65th Gabor Szirmak Gabor Szirmak $7,011
66th Paul Bettio Paul Bettio $6,967
67th David Law David Law 3years $6,843
8th Ramen Prasad Ramen Prasad 2years $6,828
68th Karen Fischer Karen Fischer 4years $6,620
69th Cathy Jansen Cathy Jansen 6years $6,598
70th Susan Johnston Susan Johnston 3years $6,584
71st Michael Raney Michael Raney 3years $6,571
72nd Leslie Percy Leslie Percy 4years $6,547
73rd Liz Elkin Liz Elkin 4years $6,540
74th Tim Murphy Tim Murphy 4years $6,464
75th Donna Leibham Donna Leibham 4years $6,446
76th Mike Penner Mike Penner 7years $6,436
77th Yves Viel Yves Viel 4years $6,338
78th Garry Bennett Garry Bennett 2years $6,296
79th Earl Driedger Earl Driedger 6years $6,209