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Rank Name Raised
2796th Sue Murdock Sue Murdock 3years $896
2797th Tim Hoover Tim Hoover 5years $896
2798th Shilpa Shyamsunder Shilpa Shyamsunder $896
2799th Meera Chander Meera Chander 2years $896
2800th Frances Schmidt Frances Schmidt 3years $896
2801st Heather Ridout Heather Ridout 2years $894
2802nd Kevin Roberts Kevin Roberts $894
2803rd Yvonne Magwood Yvonne Magwood 2years $894
2804th Matthew Burley Matthew Burley 2years $893
2805th Shahina Shaikh Shahina Shaikh 3years $893
2806th Pascal Rene Pascal Rene 2years $892
2807th Julia Meyers Vaughan Julia Meyers Vaughan 2years $892
2808th Victoria Vance Victoria Vance 5years $892
2809th Stuart Bowland Stuart Bowland 2years $890
2810th Chelsea Emms Chelsea Emms $890
2811th Bronwyn Solomon Bronwyn Solomon $890
765th Carlin Parsons Carlin Parsons 3years $890
2812th Amir Muminovic Amir Muminovic $890
2813th Wendy Dawn Wendy Dawn 3years $890
2814th scott cline scott cline $889