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Rank Name Raised
2776th Camaron Bennie Camaron Bennie $900
2777th Henry Rolfe Henry Rolfe $900
2778th Matthew Bednarchuk Matthew Bednarchuk 2years $900
2779th Stephanie Spiegelaar Stephanie Spiegelaar $900
2780th Laura Samborsky Laura Samborsky 5years $899
2781st Alieda Nuvoloni Alieda Nuvoloni $899
2782nd Jacqueline Schmidt-Gingerich Jacqueline Schmidt-Gingerich 6years $899
2783rd Jonah Petric Jonah Petric 3years $899
2784th Ryan Fox Ryan Fox 3years $898
2785th Angus Ho Angus Ho 5years $898
2786th Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski 3years $898
2787th Baljeet Bilkhu Baljeet Bilkhu 2years $897
2787th Chris Mitchell Chris Mitchell 2years $897
2787th Heidi Abbey-Der Heidi Abbey-Der 4years $897
2787th Karen Berends Karen Berends $897
2787th Nav josan Nav josan 2years $897
2787th sue carley sue carley 6years $897
2787th TYLER BENSON TYLER BENSON 5years $897
2794th Aimee Prentice Aimee Prentice $897
2795th Diane Albin Diane Albin 4years $897