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Rank Name Raised
2736th Jayn Golsby Jayn Golsby 2years $911
2737th Steve D'Mello Steve D'Mello $911
2738th Russell Sketchley Russell Sketchley 2years $910
2739th Stefanie Thompson Stefanie Thompson $910
2740th Winnie Chow Winnie Chow 2years $910
2741st Richard Schwenger Richard Schwenger $910
2741st Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas $910
2743rd Greg Manz Greg Manz 3years $910
2744th James Vandine James Vandine $909
2745th Corry Huffman Corry Huffman $909
2746th Bob Gray Bob Gray 5years $909
2747th Aura Skjenna Aura Skjenna 3years $909
2748th Mia Nemeth Mia Nemeth 6years $908
2749th Trish Karcher Trish Karcher $907
2750th Dana Goddard Dana Goddard 5years $907
2751st Nanci Friday Nanci Friday 4years $907
2752nd Wyatt Szeles Wyatt Szeles $906
2753rd Darcy Kauffman Darcy Kauffman 2years $906
2754th Liza Wood Liza Wood 5years $906
2755th Taylor Cox Taylor Cox 3years $905