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Rank Name Raised
2696th Janet Dent Janet Dent 4years $928
2697th Kayla Miraglia Kayla Miraglia 3years $928
2698th Kandus Rithaler Kandus Rithaler 4years $928
2699th Jordan, Vanessa and Ellie Loftus Jordan, Vanessa and Ellie Loftus 2years $927
2700th Fred Howe Fred Howe $926
2701st Sophia Kaytor Sophia Kaytor $926
2702nd Tim Rebkowich Tim Rebkowich 2years $926
2703rd Arie Vanspronsen Arie Vanspronsen 3years $925
2704th Darlene Sylvestre Darlene Sylvestre 3years $925
2705th Samuel Yeung Samuel Yeung $924
2706th Melinda Mendoza Melinda Mendoza 2years $924
2707th Nainesh Prajapati Nainesh Prajapati 3years $924
2708th Pia Torres Chedraui Pia Torres Chedraui 2years $924
2709th Matt Gesell Matt Gesell $924
2710th Michelle Buchanan Michelle Buchanan 3years $923
2711th Linda Jorgensen Linda Jorgensen 6years $923
2712th Annetta Golder Annetta Golder 3years $922
2714th Hamzah Maruf Hamzah Maruf $920
2715th Naomi Derksen Naomi Derksen 6years $919