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Rank Name Raised
124th Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $120
124th Ray Murphy Ray Murphy $120
124th Robert Hurst Robert Hurst $120
124th Robert Middleton Robert Middleton $120
124th Todd Redekopp Todd Redekopp $120
143rd Jason Chapais Jason Chapais $113
N/A Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe $0
144th Ricci Lee Ricci Lee $110
145th Esmail Jeraj Esmail Jeraj $105
145th Reginald Decoste Reginald Decoste $105
147th Alexander Huang Alexander Huang $100
147th Amanda Jackson Amanda Jackson $100
147th Anton Bazhal Anton Bazhal $100
147th Barb Yorke Barb Yorke $100
147th Bev Reaume Bev Reaume $100
147th Brett Bourne Brett Bourne $100
147th Brittany Dixon Brittany Dixon $100
147th Christopher Jorge Christopher Jorge $100
147th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $100
147th Elizabeth Seymour Elizabeth Seymour $100