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Rank Name Raised
N/A Matthieu Payette Matthieu Payette $0
N/A Michael Mallette Michael Mallette $0
N/A Michael Schott Michael Schott $0
N/A Michelle Watson Michelle Watson $0
37th Mike Labossiere Mike Labossiere $500
N/A Noah Moorhouse Noah Moorhouse $0
199th Norm Hanley Norm Hanley $90
N/A Orlando Naranjo Orlando Naranjo $0
N/A Orlando Naranjo Orlando Naranjo $0
N/A Pete Grammatico Pete Grammatico $0
N/A Peter Last Peter Last $0
N/A Phil Neily Phil Neily $0
N/A Prakash Gawas Prakash Gawas $0
N/A Rhea Kettles Rhea Kettles $0
19th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $671
N/A Robert Peterson Robert Peterson $0
N/A Rowan Moul Rowan Moul $0
N/A Sam Arseneault Sam Arseneault $0
N/A Sam Starr Sam Starr $0
N/A Scott Achtenberg Scott Achtenberg $0