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Rank Name Raised
N/A Larry Ohlmann Larry Ohlmann $0
N/A Laura Hodgins Laura Hodgins $0
N/A Laurie Miranda Laurie Miranda $0
N/A Laurie Tardiff Laurie Tardiff $0
N/A Lawrence Hui Lawrence Hui $0
N/A Lea Van Stolk Lea Van Stolk $0
N/A LeBlanc Scott LeBlanc Scott $0
N/A Lee Ekstrom Lee Ekstrom $0
N/A Lee Harrison Lee Harrison $0
N/A Leeann Landry Leeann Landry $0
N/A Lee-Anna Murray Lee-Anna Murray $0
N/A Leigh Thorne Leigh Thorne $0
N/A Leonardo Dumo Leonardo Dumo $0
N/A Leslie Alvaro Leslie Alvaro $0
N/A Leslie MacLeod Leslie MacLeod $0
N/A Leslie Tinney Leslie Tinney $0
N/A Liana Brown Liana Brown $0
N/A Lianne Kovari Lianne Kovari $0
N/A Linda Deise Goldsborough Linda Deise Goldsborough $0
N/A Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $0