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Rank Name Raised
4th Roger Smith Roger Smith $645
N/A Rossivel Ambrocio Rossivel Ambrocio $0
N/A Roxanne Brown Roxanne Brown $0
58th Roxanne Curtis Roxanne Curtis $120
N/A Roxanne Romey Roxanne Romey $0
N/A Samantha Loeppky Samantha Loeppky $0
N/A Sebastien Marquis Sebastien Marquis $0
N/A Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $0
N/A Shelly DeWolfe Shelly DeWolfe $0
100th Sherti MacCallum Sherti MacCallum $75
N/A Simon O’Reilly Simon O’Reilly $0
102nd Simonne Poirier Simonne Poirier $70
97th Stacey Gagnon Stacey Gagnon $95
69th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar $100
166th Syed Ahsan Syed Ahsan $25
N/A Sylvie Gagne Sylvie Gagne $0
N/A Tanya LaPointe Tanya LaPointe $0
N/A Teresa Jenkinson Teresa Jenkinson $0
N/A Timothy Scott Timothy Scott $0
N/A Tracey Daneau Tracey Daneau $0