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Rank Name Raised
38th Tai Munro Tai Munro $150
42nd Mark Ferguson Mark Ferguson $140
43rd Clint Millar Clint Millar $135
43rd Janine Perrault Janine Perrault $135
45th Karen Malone Karen Malone $134
46th Melissa Toffolon Melissa Toffolon $130
46th Ryan Berniquer Ryan Berniquer $130
48th Alex Tulin Alex Tulin $125
48th Colin Climie Colin Climie $125
48th Scott mURPHY Scott mURPHY $125
51st Jason Becker Jason Becker $120
51st Jesse Swackhammer Jesse Swackhammer $120
51st Joanne Kusnick Joanne Kusnick $120
51st Mark Bristow Mark Bristow $120
51st Tony Di Battista Tony Di Battista $120
51st Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $120
57th Martina Rouault Martina Rouault $110
58th Daniel Martin Daniel Martin $105
58th Kenny Currie Kenny Currie $105
60th Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $100