• 5th year
    22 Jul 2022

    Hi all,

    This is my FIFTH year riding for the Great Cycle Challenge!!

    Since 2018, I have biked 1580 km, but more importantly, I have raised $9670 towards Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and helping families through undoubtedly the worst time of their lives.

    I am not done yet. With your generous support, I can continue to contribute more funds to helping these precious children, whom are fighting for their lives, in so many heartfelt ways.

    I stumbled across this challenge on Facebook I believe, all those years ago and decided to sign up, just to get in better shape and ‘why not, support a great cause too?’

    Then, only to find out that my daughter’s

    t-ball team I was coaching that year, had a beautiful young girl named Payton, that was going through cancer treatments at that exact time. Talk about a grounding, special connection; a reason for my action of signing up for the challenge, this was it, everything was super aligned for me, and I knew I was in the exact right spot and have been so proud to support the Great Cycle Challenge ever since.

    Side note: Payton is a cancer free 10 year old and is thriving 💕

    (More on her journey in my next blog: stay tuned!)

    Posted 74 days ago
  • 227km
    10 Jul 2022

    July 10, 2022

    Just an update to my previous blog.

    From June 21st to July 8th, I participated in a different biking challenge through Foresters GO.

    In these 18 days, I managed to bike 227km

    Not knowing exactly how much biking I am going to be up for after my surgery on July 29th, I wanted to make sure I got my 200km cycled.

    Even though it’s not in the ‘official’ time period: the month of August, for the Great Cycle Challenge, I wanted to make sure I honoured my proposed biking goal.

    Goal achieved!!

    Posted 86 days ago
  • Biking in June/July
    6 Jul 2022

    July 6, 2022

    Through another organization I am involved in; Foresters GO, I joined a biking challenge which runs from June 21 thru July 8

    This has really jump started my cycling efforts for this season, as I try to accumulate kilometres every day on my bike.

    On a more personal level, due to my upcoming surgery which is currently scheduled for July 29th, I am not sure how much biking I will be able to manage in August.

    So, to all my sponsors to date, and upcoming sponsors that will support the Great Cycle Challenge, so far I have logged 152 km in the above time frame, and there’s still 3 days left!

    I will aim to at least get to my 200km for this goal of fundraising now, in case August happens to be a ‘no bike’, rather recover type of month.

    Pedal on, friends :)

    Posted 90 days ago