• 30+ KM today on Calgary’s great bike paths
    4 Aug 2022

    I’ve been fortunate to have cycled in Quebec City, Montréal, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Vancouver, Lethbridge and Calgary. Nothing compares to the excellent paths in Calgary ! Outstanding! This effort is for the children stricken with cancer. Let’s ride ! 🚴👍😎

    30+ KM today on Calgary’s great bike paths
    Posted 114 days ago
  • Day 2
    2 Aug 2022

    Well, I’m targeting 50km daily however hot weather is preventing me from completing part 2. The plan is 25km at 6:30am which takes around an hour and the balance later in the day. We’ve been having 30-35 degree heat lately. Got Heat Exhaustion a few weeks ago so Doctor told me to watch myself in the heat.😳🚴🏿‍♀️👍🇨🇦

    Day 2
    Posted 116 days ago