• Requesting an extension
    31 Aug 2022

    Due to matters beyond my control, my butt has not been on a bike as much as needed. I will be completing the remaining km's by September 11th. I pinky swear.

    THANKS for the tremendous support my fundraising has received 👍👍👍

    Posted 87 days ago
  • Got my super hero kit
    28 Aug 2022

    My fundraising has topped the $4000 mark! I have some riding to do so can't dilly dally now. GOT TO GO PEDAL!!!!

    Posted 90 days ago
  • Weekend of cross training
    16 Aug 2022

    I spent this past Sunday doing a 5km run with some pre & post race lake water treatments.

    Fund raising efforts have gone very well so far.

    Time to get back to the mission at hand & bike my butt & gut off.

    Posted 102 days ago
  • Start of my GCC
    1 Aug 2022

    I got out for the 1st ride of August towards my 500km goal. Now the pestering begins 🙂

    Any donation towards my fund raising goal will be greatly appreciated.

    This year I'm associated with Team Addy as well. I'll post links to her story, as she's a prime example of what this is all about. 😇 😪 👍

    Posted 117 days ago