Dan Eickmeier

Dan Eickmeier
I am an ER doctor. This is my COVID work uniform. We will get through COVID but kids cancer will still be around long after the masks have been used up.
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14 Apr 2020

This August, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge for Kids Cancer. I’m doing it to prove that even through the COVID crisis that the world still goes on. Kids still get cancer. They still die.

But more so that they also live. And fight. And laugh.

I’m doing it so I can feel human during all of this chaos. So I can look at my bikes and say yes to a ride even when work has kicked the crap out of me for that day.

I’m doing this so my family has something to focus on besides the fear of me heading to the ER everyday for work.

I’m doing it to feel human.

So let’s get off our butts and ride. Let’s open our wallets and electronic transfer accounts and donate.

In a world gone crazy, let’s find our sanity.

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