Meet Marky

When Marky’s mother, Heidi, landed at the airport from a business trip to Hong Kong in May 2017, her parents picked her up and drove her directly to the hospital.

Her three-year-old son, Marky had been diagnosed with Leukemia and his grandparents had taken him to the hospital. He was very unwell and was placed in the critical care unit.

Marky underwent a number of investigations including a bone marrow aspirate and a spinal tap. After several days of treatment, the leukemia cells were not responding to chemotherapy.

Additional testing revealed that the leukemia cells had two mutations that designate his leukemia as high risk, with a greater possibility of relapse. His leukemia is known as Philadelphia chromosome positive and it also has a rearrangement called MLL (mixed lineage leukemia). At the time of his diagnosis Marky was the first child in the world with both of these mutations in his leukemia cells.   

To battle this form of Leukemia, Marky was placed on very strong high dose chemotherapy. He was in hospital from May 2017 until December 2017.  

In April 2018 his treatment protocol changed to oral chemotherapy.  This will be less intense and hopefully means he will be able to spend more time at home, allowing him and his family to begin to live a more normal lifestyle.

Throughout the time Marky has been in-hospital he has maintained his playful and sunny disposition.  He loves playing with his big sister Sammy and the two of them look forward to spending quality time together, playing in and out of doors once the spring weather arrives.