Download App

Download the Great Cycle Challenge Canada app on iPhone or Android to track your rides throughout the month of June.

The app will record your kilometres, provide ride details (date, time taken etc.) and map the route for each ride you complete.

All rides saved from the app will automatically sync with your Great Cycle Challenge Canada profile page to display your rides and a tally of your total kilometres ridden.

If you already use Strava or MapMyFitness (including MapMyRide and MapMyRun), you can connect your existing Strava/MapMyFitness profile through your Great Cycle Challenge online dashboard and use those to log your kilometres throughout the month. Gamin Connect will also be added to the website prior to June 1 to allow automatic syncing for its users.

Connect with Strava / MapMyRide

Click here to login to your dashboard and connect your GCC account with your existing Strava OR MapMyRide profile.

Download the app

To download the app, follow one of the links below:

Download the App on Apple iOS (iPhone)


Download the app on Google Android

Download the app

App features:

  • Record your kilometres and track your rides
  • Map your route for each completed ride
  • Sync automatically with your rider profile page
  • Monitor your progress towards your riding goal
  • View individual and team leaderboards
  • Post a blog update to your profile page
  • Monitor your fundraising progress
  • Thank your sponsors
  • View your current rankings (overall and state)
  • Add offline sponsorship details

Please note: While you can practice recording rides prior to June 1 using the app, we will be removing all rides completed up to 11:59 pm on May 31.

Things you should know...

Great Cycle Challenge Canada's mobile app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung et al.) smartphones and can be used to track your kilometres throughout June. The app is compatible with iOS 7 and 8 plus Android Version 4 (Jelly Bean) and above.

Here are some things you need to know about the mobile app:

  • Select 'Canada' from the country drop down before trying to sign-in - regardless of whether you are signing in with a username of via Facebook login.
  • You must login to the app using the same username and password you created for your ride account (when you registered) or via Facebook login if you signed-up using Facebook.
  • Ensure you have the GPS on your phone enabled in order to track the distance you ride - the app will notify you if it is not enabled.
  • For the most part you don't require an internet/data connection to use the application - you will, however, need a data connection when you first login and also when you 'save a ride.'
  • Each ride will be automatically added to your ride profile page.
  • The app is only available for iOS and Android platforms - Windows, Blackberry and other platforms are not supported.
  • Those using an exercise bike or similar to complete the challenge can add their rides using the 'add ride manually' function.

Do you have a question about the app? See our FAQs for all the answers.