Kick Cancer's Butt Day

Today (August 10) is Kick Cancer's Butt Day!

Our mission is to take action together to raise funds to support ALL kids fighting cancer to show them and their families that they are not alone in their fight to beat this terrible disease.

And our wonderful supporters, the Garron Family, will MATCH ALL DONATIONS received today, to the value of $1,300,000!

So, that means ANY online donation YOU receive today on Kick Cancer's Butt Day will be matched and added to your online fundraising page (within 24 hours). You can even sponsor yourself.

To learn more about the matching offer, click here.

Plus, the matched donations WILL count towards your personal fundraising tally to qualify for a FREE GCC jersey or Hero jersey!

Here are the best ways to take action today to kick cancer's butt:

1. Send an email template

Login to your dashboard to use our Kick Cancer's Butt Day pre-written email template and send to your friends, family and colleagues to tell them about the matched funding offer and ask for their support.

Simply select the template, add your friends and send...easy.

2. Post updates on Facebook

Post 2-3 updates on Facebook and / or Instagram throughout the day to tell your friends about Kick Cancer's Butt Day and update them on your progress. Remember, not all your contacts see all your posts, so you need to post 2-3 updates throughout the day to spread the word and encourage your friends to support your challenge.

Here is a sample post below:

_ _ _ _

This month, I am riding in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

And today (August 10) is Kick Cancer's Butt Day, a day where ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED up to $1,300,000 - so now is the BEST time to sponsor my challenge to help these kids.

Please sponsor me via the link below and let's kick cancer's butt - your donation will be matched for TODAY ONLY!

<IMPORTANT: Insert your fundraising page link here so your friends can sponsor you>.

_ _ _ _ _ _

3. Create a Personalized Social Pic

View our social pic generator and create your own personalized Kick Cancer's Butt Day pic to share on Facebook or Instagram and tell everyone about our MATCHED donation offer. We've included an example below.

Click here to create your personalised pic for Kick Cancer's Butt Day now!

4. Share these Social Pics

Choose from our selection of pics to share on your Facebook or Instagram page to spread the word about this special day.

Facebook profile pic
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To update your Facebook profile:

  1. Click on the image above (to open in new window)
  2. Right click on image
  3. Select 'Save Image As' (and save to your drive)
  4. Log into Facebook and update your profile pic and/or cover pic

6. Stickers + Filter

Spread the word of Kick Cancer's Butt Day on Instagram with our custom GCC stickers and GCC Filter!


Matched Donations GIF

'Donations Matched' Instagram Filter

To use GCC GIFs on Instagram:

  1. Choose to add a GIF to your Instagram story
  2. Search #GCCCANADA
  3. Go GIF-crazy!

To try the GCC Instagram Filter:

If you're on a mobile device, go directly to the filter on Instagram by clicking here


  1. Go to our Instagram account @greatcyclechallengecanada
  2. Swipe left on the photo grid to view the filter
  3. Select the filter and click 'try it'
  4. Record a video with the filter and share it to your story (making sure to tag us and use the #GCCCANADA hashtag)