The Kids

Great Cycle Challenge Canada exists for one reason fight kids' cancer!

Our goal is to bring an end to childhood cancer for all kids across Canada to give them the brighter futures they deserve. Please read the stories below to meet our amazing ambassadors for the Great Cycle Challenge.

Meet Ellie

4-year-old Ellie has been bravely battling leukemia since her diagnosis in January and is currently in the full-on 'Delayed Intensification' stage of her treatment. 

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Meet Sadie

Sadie is currently in the maintenance stage of her treatment which involves daily oral chemo at home and in-clinic treatment every 12 weeks.

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Meet Abby

Fiery little Miss Abby has been fighting leukemia since her diagnosis in November 2020. She goes into the hospital every week to receive chemo treatment. 

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Meet Jake

Rocket-ship-loving Jake was diagnosed with leukemia at just 22 months old, and is currently enduring maintenance treatment.

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Meet Jayden

Taekwando-pro Jayden was given a shock diagnosis of anaplastic large cell lymphoma this past March and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

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Meet Sarah

12-year-old Sarah is currently fighting cancer for the 5th time in her young life, but will still be joining her dad and sister to ride in this year's challenge.

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