The Kids

Great Cycle Challenge Canada exists for one reason fight kids' cancer!

Our goal is to bring an end to childhood cancer for all kids across Canada to give them the brighter futures they deserve. Please read the stories below to meet our amazing ambassadors for the Great Cycle Challenge.

Meet Marky

Marky was just 3 years old he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has spent countless nights in hospital. 

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Meet Simi

Meet Simi, this brave young lady is battling acute myeloid leukemia and dreams to become a doctor to help other children just like herself.

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Meet Alex

Alex was diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas eve and was immediately admitted to hospital to start his first dose of intensive chemotherapy. 

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Meet Liam

At just 10-months old, baby Liam's parent received the news that their little boy had a rare and highly aggressive brain tumour.

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Meet Matteo

Matteo endured rounds of intensive chemotherapy and suffered many side effects including fevers, nausea, severe jaw pain and pancreatitis.

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Meet Kevin

Kevin was born with a non-cancerous growth in his little body, however just last year, doctors found cancer in his bone. 

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