Meet Sadie

Sadie is an active, energetic 5-year-old and the youngest of three siblings. She loves to play hockey, go to swimming lessons and play with her friends.

But in the fall of 2019, Sadie was lacking her usual energy and passion for life.

For a time, this seemed to be just a normal phase, but in November, Sadie began to experience soreness in her arm and had a swollen gland. A couple of trips to her doctor indicated that she was probably suffering from a virus. The doctor ordered x-rays to investigate further.  

A few weeks after the x-rays, Sadie was still exhausted all the time and eventually was unable to extend her arm at all. Her parents were worried, and they decided to get more blood tests to find out what was wrong with their little girl.

It was 1:30am when they met with the doctor for more blood tests, and by 4am Sadie was in a hospital room…

Sadie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her first blood transfusion was at 6am that morning.

Soon after, the family spent Christmas with Sadie, in the hospital room. Although the staff at the hospital did all they could to make Christmas feel special, the family was overwhelmed, shocked and heartbroken. It didn’t feel like Christmas at all.

Sadie began her chemotherapy treatment immediately.

She is now in the maintenance phase of her treatment, which involves daily oral chemo at home and in-clinic treatments every 12 weeks. These treatments are hard to go through…especially for someone as young as Sadie, but her mum says, “she’s handling the treatment like a champ”. 

She has also started to swallow pills whole, which as her mum says, has been a “game-changer” since some of the meds taste “disgusting”, and it used to be a challenge getting Sadie to swallow them.

Sadie should be living life, NOT fighting it. That's why we'll be riding for her this August!