Meet Roux

Roux was diagnosed with stage 4 hepatoblastoma (live cancer) when she was just 2 years old. 

Roux’s parents, Gillian and Adam, were alarmed when their little girl started to have regular high fevers with nausea and vomiting in late 2018. They took her to doctors and clinics to find answers, but the common verdict was "a nasty virus".

After Roux ran another fever and was having trouble walking, she was rushed to the emergency room which led to a devastating diagnosis...

Roux had stage 4 hepatoblastoma with metastases in her lungs.

Three days later she began a 10-cycle chemotherapy treatment protocol, with liver resection surgery part-way through. Little Roux finished her 10th cycle of treatment on June 12, 2019, and life slowly started to return to normal.

However, a routine post-chemo scan in October 2019 revealed that Roux’s cancer has recurred, or perhaps had never been fully eradicated. Spots were found on her lungs, and this incredibly brave little girl is now in treatment once more.

She’s just finished 6 rounds of ICE chemotherapy, named for the specific combination of three drugs, and is currently recovering and getting her strength back up. She's due to have surgery on both lungs soon. 

Cancer magnifies the little victories: a healthy appetite, a playful laugh from miss Roux after weeks of fatigue, a walk around the ward hand-in-hand with mum or dad, a couple of hours playing with her beloved little brother Silvio. Nothing is taken for granted.

Through it all, Roux has been incredible. She’s cooperative, even with the most uncomfortable of pokes and pricks. She has wisdom far beyond her 3 years.

And Roux recently told her mum that when she grows up, she wants to be a nurse.

The road ahead is uncertain but as her mom says, “our little girl is strong and has surprised us at so many turns so far”.

Roux is a ray of light for her family and everyone with the good fortune to know her. She has a bright future ahead, and she’s giving this fight her ALL. We're riding for Roux this August!