Meet Jake

Jake is an inquisitive, funny, and thoughtful 3-year-old who has a thirst for knowledge and learning. He loves anything to do with construction, space, and rocket ships and often builds his favorite rockets from Lego.

But when Jake was just 22 months old, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Jake's journey started in July of 2019 when he fell off the couch and started limping shortly after. It’s common for young kids to have accidents like this, so his parents assumed this was the only cause of the limping...

But a few days later, Jake's limp had not improved, so his parents took him to a pediatrician.

After a check-up and an x-ray, the doctor concluded that it was just a rolled ankle. He seemed to heal up quickly after that appointment, so the investigation stopped there.

But a month later, Jake suffered a serious fever and refused to walk. He was sent straight to hospital.

After various blood tests and examinations, Jake and his family were told the heartbreaking news...

Jake had pediatric leukemia. 

He was quickly admitted to hospital and began his chemotherapy immediately. He stayed in hospital for 8 days to receive his first round of chemotherapy.

Jake has a treatment protocol lasting three and a half years. In April 2020, right after COVID-19 hit, Jake began the “maintenance phase” of his protocol which involves daily home chemotherapy and regular hospital visits.

As young as he is, Jake is a fighter and is NOT giving up. His parents shared with us: 

“Jake is our superhero, he has shown us just how remarkably resilient kids can be”.

Jake is one brave and courageous little man...but he should be living life, NOT fighting for it.

So let's ride this August and stand with Jake to help him kick cancer's butt!