Meet Alex

Alex was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in December 2018. Since his diagnosis, this courageous kid has relapsed twice... but he will never give up. 

For a three-week period in late 2018, Alex wasn’t himself. He was running a fever, he was exhausted and then bruising appeared on his chest and back.  A visit to his family doctor and subsequent testing didn’t indicate anything was wrong.

But over the coming weeks, his symptoms worsened.

By December 23, Alex was experiencing nausea, wouldn’t eat, his gums were so swollen that you couldn't see his teeth. It was a dramatic decline. 

Alex’s father drove him to the Emergency Department.

They arrived around 11:00 am and by 4:00 pm that same afternoon, Alex was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). He was admitted to the cancer ward immediately.  

Alex spent Christmas eve receiving his first dose of intensive chemotherapy. He spent most of the next 6 months in hospital receiving an intense course of chemotherapy treatment. 

But he powered through, and in May 2019, Alex rang the bell to signify the end of his treatment.

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived.

Because at the beginning of July 2019, Alex developed skin lesions again. At first, they were thought to be mosquito bites but a biopsy revealed that they were pockets of cancerous cells. Doctors also found to have a cancerous tumour behind his right eye, as well as spots in his brain.

Over the following months, Alex endured more rounds of intensive chemotherapy for his relapsed AML, radiation therapy and then a bone marrow transplant on October 24, 2019. 

But shortly after he was released from the hospital, Alex developed new lesions. 

Alex had relapsed again.

At the moment, Alex’s family and doctors are working out the next steps. He has been granted special access to a drug that is currently in trials in the US.

Throughout his journey, Alex has amazed doctors with his strength and resilience. He kept a smile on his face throughout his brutal chemotherapy regimen. 

Alex has spent over 200 days in hospital in the past 18 months, and has undergone multiple courses of chemotherapy, 10 lumbar punctures, 4 bone marrow aspirates, 2 central line insertions, 9 radiation treatments, a bone marrow transplant… and a whole lot more.

The future is uncertain, but Alex is still a happy, active and fun-loving kid. He loves sports (especially ice hockey), is learning to play the ukulele and loves playing video games and building with Lego. 

This August, we're riding into battle for Alex.