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Rank Name Raised
1st Prodomax Trailblazers Prodomax Trailblazers $28,769.84
Members of Prodomax Trailblazers
24th Carolyn Garvey Carolyn Garvey $4,580.18
47th Don Leslie Don Leslie $3,712.22
83rd Madeline Sheridan Madeline Sheridan $2,801.20
97th Lee Carson Lee Carson $2,649.99
123rd Mark Daley-Fell Mark Daley-Fell $2,426.37
192nd Rob Kuehl Rob Kuehl $1,949.99
259th Adam Smith Adam Smith $1,678.90
325th Sam Charlebois Sam Charlebois $1,500.38
469th Shane Viccary Shane Viccary $1,257.45
498th Teresa Avery Teresa Avery $1,223.66
1452nd Jesse Ferguson Jesse Ferguson $679.67
2037th Greg Parker Greg Parker $554.26
2075th Martin DeVillers Martin DeVillers $549.56
2113th Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $541.56
2138th Angela Kuiack Angela Kuiack $536.83
3442nd Kathleen Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan $282.10
N/A Jane McPherson Jane McPherson $254.73
4241st Abner Bauman Abner Bauman $178.31
5506th Aaron Culbert Aaron Culbert $70
N/A Jim Pottage Jim Pottage $0
N/A Lenka Cernova-Cerrato Lenka Cernova-Cerrato $0
2nd Team SickKids Team SickKids $21,150.75
Members of Team SickKids
44th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $3,744.77
137th Bennett Siaroff Bennett Siaroff $2,343.72
212th Karen Lamont Karen Lamont $1,856.99
376th James Powell James Powell $1,390.78
382nd Aaron Davis Aaron Davis $1,382.51
463rd Emree Siaroff Emree Siaroff $1,265
816th Erin McGuire Erin McGuire $981.52
856th Kathleen Gotts Kathleen Gotts $945.68
1016th Elizabeth Goddard Elizabeth Goddard $843.41
1193rd Jennifer Ashcroft Jennifer Ashcroft $770
1356th Lauren Moretto Lauren Moretto $707.94
1373rd Taylor Rennie Taylor Rennie $704.16
N/A Marijke Vandergrift Marijke Vandergrift $703.45
1790th Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $599.83
1850th Seanna Millar Seanna Millar $587.57
2076th Joanne Sweeney Joanne Sweeney $549.26
2240th William Frampton William Frampton $520
3055th Margaret Evans Margaret Evans $359.16
3181st Brian Leclerc Brian Leclerc $325
4736th Brianne Fodey Brianne Fodey $125
4786th Samantha Clegg Samantha Clegg $120
5271st Ariana Ayoub Ariana Ayoub $90
5271st Divyesh Soni Divyesh Soni $90
5506th Cait Brenchley Cait Brenchley $70
6626th Maaya Kaul Maaya Kaul $25
N/A Amy Graham Amy Graham $0
N/A arturo muralla arturo muralla $0
N/A Brandon Ruttan Brandon Ruttan $0
N/A Can Cimir Can Cimir $0
N/A Curtis Salter Curtis Salter $0
N/A Mark Jordan Mark Jordan $0
N/A Mustafa Totonji Mustafa Totonji $0
N/A Valeria Owais Valeria Owais $0
3rd Team Keewatin - Kenora Team Keewatin - Kenora $14,962.10
Members of Team Keewatin - Kenora
6th Lynda Moncrief Lynda Moncrief $7,093.13
7th Sean Moore Sean Moore $7,088.97
1941st Catherine Powell Catherine Powell $570
4th Canadian Ski Patrol - Sweep Canadian Ski Patrol - Sweep $9,952.68
Members of Canadian Ski Patrol - Sweep
4th Denis Dion Denis Dion $7,284.50
1064th Colin Maxwell Colin Maxwell $819.46
1104th Alex Cazi Alex Cazi $800
2297th Tracey Sheldrick Tracey Sheldrick $511.62
3470th Allan McInnis Allan McInnis $277.10
4607th Paul Bernard Jr. Paul Bernard Jr. $140
6779th Matthew Hidasi Matthew Hidasi $20
5th Care in the Creek Medical Centre Care in the Creek Medical Centre $9,936.24
Members of Care in the Creek Medical Centre
266th Kristi Kraychy Kristi Kraychy $1,660.79
516th Linda Hobson Linda Hobson $1,207.10
881st David Owen David Owen $929.01
1039th Simon Weekley Simon Weekley $830
1050th Shirley Haist Shirley Haist $824.16
1095th Sarah Frumento Sarah Frumento $805.10
N/A Susan Nicholas Susan Nicholas $452.77
3467th Pam Navickas Pam Navickas $277.37
3935th Tammy Wilfing Tammy Wilfing $215
4211th Hollie Jones Hollie Jones $183.68
4348th Flora G Flora G $165.95
4423rd Bragg Creek Physiotherapy Bragg Creek Physiotherapy $155
4448th Mike Clancy Mike Clancy $154.73
4564th Gill Owen Gill Owen $145
4653rd Annelies Noordman Annelies Noordman $135
4653rd Harrison Giesbrech Harrison Giesbrech $135
4653rd Margriet Cosijnse Margriet Cosijnse $135
N/A Eva Breedveld Eva Breedveld $100
5020th Sicco Dekker Sicco Dekker $100
5322nd Sonja Allen’s Sonja Allen’s $85.95
5326th The Jepps The Jepps $85
5506th Banded Peak School Banded Peak School $70
5751st Amy van Lankvelt Amy van Lankvelt $55
5824th Ann Sullivan Ann Sullivan $50
5824th Jennifer Gordon Jennifer Gordon $50
5824th Leon Schiebel Leon Schiebel $50
5824th Nicole Martin Nicole Martin $50
5824th Walt Wabischewich Walt Wabischewich $50
6125th Carly McMorris Carly McMorris $40
6162nd Sandstone Pharmacy Bragg Creek Sandstone Pharmacy Bragg Creek $38.68
6193rd Phil Nepszy Phil Nepszy $35
6193rd Sherri Olsen Sherri Olsen $35
6581st Doug Heinz Doug Heinz $30.95
6626th Nancy and Greenhalgh Nancy and Greenhalgh $25
6626th Pam Lewis-Cresswell Pam Lewis-Cresswell $25
N/A Aimee K Aimee K $0
N/A Ariette van Pelt Ariette van Pelt $0
N/A Baruch Laskin Baruch Laskin $0
N/A Daryll Harrison Daryll Harrison $0
N/A Fiona Waters Fiona Waters $0
N/A Geoff Porter Geoff Porter $0
N/A Jan Marsh Jan Marsh $0
N/A Janine Hopf Janine Hopf $0
N/A Julie Handrahan Julie Handrahan $0
N/A Kelly Wood Kelly Wood $0
N/A ken coatham ken coatham $0
N/A Linda Slegers-Kuijten Linda Slegers-Kuijten $0
N/A Luuk Dekker Luuk Dekker $0
N/A Maggie Pringle Maggie Pringle $0
N/A Martin Marsh Martin Marsh $0
N/A Nikita Weisgerber Nikita Weisgerber $0
N/A Renate van der Zande Renate van der Zande $0
N/A Sanne Dekker Sanne Dekker $0
N/A Shaye Radford Shaye Radford $0
N/A Sylvie Lappa Sylvie Lappa $0
N/A Tanja van de Kamp Tanja van de Kamp $0
N/A Tom Dekker Tom Dekker $0
6th Diva Devils Diva Devils $9,427.55
Members of Diva Devils
51st Roberta Wildgoose Roberta Wildgoose $3,595
67th Nancy Sorensen Nancy Sorensen $3,130
129th Sarah Burns Sarah Burns $2,397.82
7th Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $9,413.47
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
14th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $5,351.37
599th Kathleen King Kathleen King $1,135
1450th David Moss David Moss $679.73
1772nd Tim Luo Tim Luo $600
2147th Dipika Deol Dipika Deol $535
2992nd Heather Ingram Heather Ingram $375
3516th Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $270
4298th Ling Cen Ling Cen $170
4501st Manuel Groeger Manuel Groeger $150
8th Georgian Bay Crop Dusters Georgian Bay Crop Dusters $9,200.88
Members of Georgian Bay Crop Dusters
2nd Sandi Shaughnessy Sandi Shaughnessy $9,200.88
9th Pedalpower Pedalpower $8,901.83
Members of Pedalpower
20th Barbara Allan Barbara Allan $4,799.33
78th Karin Allan Karin Allan $2,209.73
203rd Patricia Mark Patricia Mark $1,892.77
10th Rocky Mountain Riders Rocky Mountain Riders $8,777.12
Members of Rocky Mountain Riders
112th Rayanne Rodier Rayanne Rodier $2,528.62
296th David Gillespie David Gillespie $1,563.99
352nd Dave Burdett Dave Burdett $1,436.36
686th Mike Santry Mike Santry $1,065
N/A Brian Fegan Brian Fegan $900
1155th Laura Costea Laura Costea $783.15
2395th Kit Chu Kit Chu $500
11th Global Excel Global Excel $8,770.49
Members of Global Excel
261st Steve McClung Steve McClung $1,675
267th Lou Caputo Lou Caputo $1,659.46
435th Jennifer Taylor Lowd Jennifer Taylor Lowd $1,306.09
481st Tyler Jaques Tyler Jaques $1,244.63
1917th Hans Jonasson Hans Jonasson $575
2110th Kelly Maurice Kelly Maurice $542
3126th Nathalie Lafond Nathalie Lafond $340
4026th Kim Connor Kim Connor $200
4026th Paul Reed Paul Reed $200
4026th Trevor Pye Trevor Pye $200
4414th Catherine Phaneuf Catherine Phaneuf $158.31
5506th Silvia Menjivar Silvia Menjivar $70
12th NT Canada NT Canada $8,706.77
Members of NT Canada
36th John Tentomas John Tentomas $3,887.31
195th Steve Rudd Steve Rudd $1,945
261st Marie Vanlian Marie Vanlian $1,675
2623rd Craig Hanna Craig Hanna $459.46
5506th Alex Kontel Alex Kontel $70
13th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $8,574.46
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
42nd Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $3,787.52
132nd Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith Cheryl (and Sarah) Climie-Smith $2,368.18
588th Colin Climie Colin Climie $1,141.36
938th Scott Vance Scott Vance $887.40
5020th Peter Barber Peter Barber $100
14th Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible $7,987.07
Members of Codgers for Kids - Mission Possible
33rd Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $4,087.77
35th Pat Brand Pat Brand $3,899.30
15th Rogue Robin's Riders Rogue Robin's Riders $7,922.63
Members of Rogue Robin's Riders
22nd Paul Miniato Paul Miniato $4,694.48
694th Shaun Coburn Shaun Coburn $1,062.37
1375th Sylvie Menelon Sylvie Menelon $703.37
2395th Joshua Huston Joshua Huston $500
2716th Robin Morrison Robin Morrison $438.52
3248th Raymond Hogan Raymond Hogan $313.89
4259th bernard menelon bernard menelon $175
16th Peachland Riders Peachland Riders $7,257.58
Members of Peachland Riders
46th Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $3,725.27
64th Peter Kellerman Peter Kellerman $3,167.31
17th No More Chemo No More Chemo $6,846.08
Members of No More Chemo
50th Keillan Lavigne Keillan Lavigne $3,645
193rd Cheryl Lavigne Cheryl Lavigne $1,948.04
18th CIC Ride for the Cure CIC Ride for the Cure $6,685.92
Members of CIC Ride for the Cure
374th Richard Henry Richard Henry $1,393.31
1214th Nienke Appel Nienke Appel $760.20
1338th Marc Pelletier Marc Pelletier $715
1479th Deborah Law Deborah Law $671.25
1758th Thomas Hopkins Thomas Hopkins $604.16
2053rd Jeff Donaldson Jeff Donaldson $550
2147th Lisa Davies Lisa Davies $535
3516th Rachael Tracey Rachael Tracey $270
3555th Samy Bouma Samy Bouma $263.68
3921st Trev Lewis Trev Lewis $217.37
4220th Christopher Cumber Christopher Cumber $180
4292nd Brenda Chikoski Brenda Chikoski $170.95
5020th Heather Willis Heather Willis $100
4472nd Tegen Dunnill Jones Tegen Dunnill Jones $60
5824th Trish Lewis Trish Lewis $50
6626th Evan Murray Evan Murray $25
N/A Heidi Russell Heidi Russell $0
N/A Judith Lewis-Germain Judith Lewis-Germain $0
N/A Ogilvie Frances Ogilvie Frances $0
19th Ride On Sister Ride On Sister $6,211
Members of Ride On Sister
319th Vera Gillman Vera Gillman $1,518
2785th Judy Halpern Judy Halpern $421.05
20th Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling $6,118.07
Members of Bridge to Bridge Seaway Cycling
165th Tom Kearney Tom Kearney $2,093.85
178th Heather Dillabough Heather Dillabough $2,025.19
1340th Nancy Kearney Nancy Kearney $714.67
1531st Dianne Dillon Dianne Dillon $655
2350th Ed Kearney Ed Kearney $504.36
5271st Sheila Latham Sheila Latham $90
6193rd Mary Esta Mary Esta $35
21st Team Evan Team Evan $5,688.71
Members of Team Evan
70th Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $3,096.69
1078th Scott Smith Scott Smith $812.34
2594th Scott Ryall Scott Ryall $468.25
2803rd Devyn Smith Devyn Smith $417.77
2932nd Ava Pierson Ava Pierson $386.83
2932nd Lauren Rowland Lauren Rowland $386.83
22nd Team Sarah Team Sarah $5,649.73
Members of Team Sarah
28th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $4,435
754th Candy Dell Candy Dell $1,024.73
6779th Sarah Hamby Sarah Hamby $20
N/A Kiarra Hamby Kiarra Hamby $0
N/A Shivpal Grover Shivpal Grover $0
23rd Cedar Hill Middle School Victoria Cedar Hill Middle School Victoria $5,624.39
Members of Cedar Hill Middle School Victoria
239th Darlene Ross Darlene Ross $1,726.68
1239th Paul Hayes Paul Hayes $752.47
1295th Richard Graham Richard Graham $731.99
1802nd Jonathan Romphf Jonathan Romphf $596.62
1913th Rosie Reynolds Rosie Reynolds $576.05
1972nd Mitch Dwyer Mitch Dwyer $565.58
5326th Ted Fuller Ted Fuller $85
24th Grimsby Confident Cruisers Grimsby Confident Cruisers $5,459.07
Members of Grimsby Confident Cruisers
306th Leslie Bethmann Leslie Bethmann $1,546.93
349th Bernadette Lew-O'Brien Bernadette Lew-O'Brien $1,445.68
398th Ralph Thrun Ralph Thrun $1,354.46
2209th Susan King Susan King $527
2395th Cathy Thrun Cathy Thrun $500
25th The Team The Team $5,427.36
Members of The Team
161st Todd Van der Loos Todd Van der Loos $2,130
167th Troy Berry Troy Berry $2,091.36
781st Scott Hardy Scott Hardy $1,001
5708th Jimmy Knox Jimmy Knox $60
N/A Gilles Charette Gilles Charette $0
N/A Marian Leal Marian Leal $0
26th Team KVR Team KVR $5,397.43
Members of Team KVR
76th Wendy Dyer Wendy Dyer $2,988.03
134th Rick Dyer Rick Dyer $2,359.40
27th Rule #47 Rule #47 $5,293
Members of Rule #47
246th Terry Corbett Terry Corbett $1,710
276th Max Marchand Max Marchand $1,640
824th Dean Petkau Dean Petkau $975
1291st Krista Plosz Krista Plosz $733
28th Cycle for Sick Kids 2018 Cycle for Sick Kids 2018 $5,115.41
Members of Cycle for Sick Kids 2018
78th Jason Paterson Jason Paterson $2,905.68
808th Marnie Klimack Marnie Klimack $990
1132nd Paula Paterson Paula Paterson $790
3817th Kathryn Gompf Kathryn Gompf $229.73
5020th Cari Miller Cari Miller $100
29th Respect, Love & Peace!!! Respect, Love & Peace!!! $5,000
Members of Respect, Love & Peace!!!
18th Michael Martin Michael Martin $5,000
30th Jolene and Friends Jolene and Friends $4,805
Members of Jolene and Friends
19th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $4,805
31st Victoria Trikers Victoria Trikers $4,774.07
Members of Victoria Trikers
21st Chuck Salmon Chuck Salmon $4,774.07
32nd Team Brattle Team Brattle $4,714.97
Members of Team Brattle
282nd Johnathan Li Johnathan Li $1,605.52
823rd Haleh Asadnia Haleh Asadnia $975.18
1070th Wendy Wilkins Wendy Wilkins $815.61
1184th Andy Harington Andy Harington $773.66
3883rd Chris Polson Chris Polson $220
N/A Chris Margison Chris Margison $150
5506th Darrell Chodorow Darrell Chodorow $70
5506th Nicholas Powers Nicholas Powers $70
N/A David Wang David Wang $0
N/A Ian Cass Ian Cass $0
N/A Michael Cragg Michael Cragg $0
33rd LeftFootRightFoot LeftFootRightFoot $4,659.02
Members of LeftFootRightFoot
507th Karen Fitzpatrick Karen Fitzpatrick $1,215
572nd Stephen Coombs Stephen Coombs $1,156.62
725th Lori Wuerch Lori Wuerch $1,040.20
798th Sarah Coombs Sarah Coombs $997.94
3681st Isabella Skarjak Isabella Skarjak $249.26
34th Chatham-Kent Challengers Chatham-Kent Challengers $4,591.76
Members of Chatham-Kent Challengers
100th Katie Machina Katie Machina $2,630
187th Cheryl Charron Cheryl Charron $1,961.76
35th National Aircraft Certification Cycle Team National Aircraft Certification Cycle Team $4,543.58
Members of National Aircraft Certification Cycle Team
322nd Katherine Thompson Katherine Thompson $1,507.48
593rd Audrey Manzo Audrey Manzo $1,138.86
2546th Brad Taylor Brad Taylor $481.15
3883rd Eric Lucas Eric Lucas $220
4963rd Barbara McAllister Barbara McAllister $105
5020th Philippe Jr Ngassam Philippe Jr Ngassam $100
5020th Remy Knoerr Remy Knoerr $100
5796th Alan Ritchie Alan Ritchie $54.16
N/A Canh Nham Canh Nham $0
36th Aalbers Tool Aalbers Tool $4,271.97
Members of Aalbers Tool
392nd Gary Aalbers Gary Aalbers $1,359.73
689th Chris Gorham Chris Gorham $1,064.46
1097th Don Stockwell Don Stockwell $804.73
2632nd Pete Aalbers Pete Aalbers $457.10
4026th Ralph Burns Ralph Burns $200
4185th Cindy Drouillard Cindy Drouillard $185.95
37th ÉSPB ÉSPB $4,261.83
Members of ÉSPB
40th Alec d'Entremont Alec d'Entremont $3,804.73
2632nd Patrice Boulianne Patrice Boulianne $457.10
38th Persian Bikers Persian Bikers $4,235.59
Members of Persian Bikers
N/A Fardad Sadighian Fardad Sadighian $1,924.47
358th Afsane(Zara) Mohseni Afsane(Zara) Mohseni $1,431.12
1216th Sina Sina $760
4786th Ebrahim Tehran Ebrahim Tehran $120
N/A Mark Khansari Mark Khansari $0
N/A Sadaf Saebi Sadaf Saebi $0
N/A Sara Ardalan Sara Ardalan $0
39th Disruptive Cyclers Disruptive Cyclers $4,229.79
Members of Disruptive Cyclers
49th Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $3,688.23
2113th Genevieve Morinville Genevieve Morinville $541.56
40th Petal Pushers Petal Pushers $4,179.46
Members of Petal Pushers
60th Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $3,359.46
2395th Gene Jones Gene Jones $500
4026th Margaret Duynisveld-Brain Margaret Duynisveld-Brain $200
5824th Carol Trotter Carol Trotter $50
41st Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $4,065.35
Members of Dassault Systèmes
544th Brian Haacke Brian Haacke $1,176
778th Paul Carter Paul Carter $1,003.03
2610th Celine Guerini Celine Guerini $464.19
3248th Melanie Arguin Melanie Arguin $313.89
4216th Amir Sahebjam Amir Sahebjam $181.99
4448th Ksenia Shmonina Ksenia Shmonina $154.73
4705th Kiran Chinta Kiran Chinta $131.52
5824th Alain Leboeuf Alain Leboeuf $50
6193rd Surya Prakash Viswanath Surya Prakash Viswanath $35
6779th Dominick Lauzon Dominick Lauzon $20
N/A Fabien Desmangles Fabien Desmangles $0
N/A Sylvain Trudel Sylvain Trudel $0
N/A Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $0
42nd MIG Force MIG Force $4,048.28
Members of MIG Force
141st Rob Suderman Rob Suderman $2,307.57
1627th Hedy Suderman Hedy Suderman $634.19
2659th Caleb Suderman Caleb Suderman $451.52
3760th Connie Meseyton Connie Meseyton $235
5506th Aaron Vandall Aaron Vandall $70
5824th Ryan Suderman Ryan Suderman $50
43rd Team Michael ‘68 Team Michael ‘68 $4,039.73
Members of Team Michael ‘68
39th Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $3,809.73
44th Phat Basturds Phat Basturds $4,024.08
Members of Phat Basturds
369th Ryan Bell Ryan Bell $1,407.77
721st Marcy Fodness Marcy Fodness $1,044.23
2385th Ryann Fodness Ryann Fodness $500.41
2524th Jorja Fodness Jorja Fodness $488.99
2739th Debbie Szwaczka Debbie Szwaczka $432.10
5232nd Jason Fodness Jason Fodness $96.42
5796th Olivia Dobson Olivia Dobson $54.16
139th Norm Leybourne Norm Leybourne $2,333.18
253rd James Croteau James Croteau $1,687.24
46th Hitchens’ Ride Hitchens’ Ride $4,004.81
Members of Hitchens’ Ride
149th Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen $2,206.73
1614th Bev Hitchen Bev Hitchen $636.52
1852nd Koby Hitchen Koby Hitchen $587.40
1924th Steven Hitchen Steven Hitchen $574.16
47th Sunshine Roll 2018 Sunshine Roll 2018 $4,001
Members of Sunshine Roll 2018
41st Francine Fallara Francine Fallara $3,800
N/A Micheline Fallara Micheline Fallara $1
N/A Alison Alloucherie Alison Alloucherie $0
N/A Fanny Tortiget Fanny Tortiget $0
N/A Michael Fallara Michael Fallara $0
48th Halifax Halifax $3,971.60
Members of Halifax
102nd Chris Leonard Chris Leonard $2,624.60
1602nd Ken Boutilier Ken Boutilier $640
2185th Ben Hovinga Ben Hovinga $531.42
4258th Youji Cheng Youji Cheng $175.58
49th The Deraill-HERS The Deraill-HERS $3,955.48
Members of The Deraill-HERS
91st Gaylene Yelenik Gaylene Yelenik $2,732.34
907th Eleanor Culver Eleanor Culver $913.68
3284th Ashley Jazayeri Ashley Jazayeri $309.46
50th Chain Gang Chain Gang $3,952.26
Members of Chain Gang
131st Terry McKee Terry McKee $2,384.04
949th Krista Nickerson Krista Nickerson $883.18
1432nd Matthew Brocke Matthew Brocke $685.04