Bowmanville Ride 3

4 Attending / 2 Interested
  • Date: June 29, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Location: Park Road @ Energy Drive, Bowmanville ON L1C, Canada

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Park Road at Energy Drive/South Service Road. See ya there!

No set speed, just enjoy the day & get your body moving :)


Bruce Woodrow
Bruce Woodrow

I had a garage door malfunction so I am getting a late start. It’s 9am and I estimate it will take me 2-1/2 hours to ride to start of event. I will come anyway but feel free to start without me.

29 Jun - 9:02 AM
Bruce Woodrow
Bruce Woodrow

Also, I ride a recumbent Trike and avarage about 10 or 11 kph. Is that too slow? I understand if most prefer to ride faster.

28 Jun - 4:42 PM
Bruce Woodrow
Bruce Woodrow

Can you clarify start location. The description, flag and co-ordinates all seem a bit different.

28 Jun - 4:40 PM
Ashley Trepanier
Ashley Trepanier

If you want to join in on a few more rides, search my others: 'Bowmanville Ride 1, 1b, 2, 2b, 3b, and Bowmanville Monday Ride 1, Monday Ride 2 and Monday Ride 3'.

31 May - 8:58 PM